An Entirely Fresh Paradigm Grounded upon:


                                        (1) An Ontology of  Neutral Monism 

                                        (2) A Novel Formalism of  Metamathematics


………'The mind', wrote Wilfred Trotter, 'likes a strange idea as little as the body likes a strange protein, and resists it with similar energy. It would not, perhaps, be too fanciful to say that a new idea is the most quickly acting antigen known to science'"  Arthur Köstler








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         The Purpose of these pages is to preview a forth-coming volume:  The New Monadology   It came to be written for two  reasons, the one negative and the other positive. 

● A sense of  increasing indignation -amounting to outrage- of what is being passed off by the entrenched intelligentsia as a complete and sufficient overview of the Larger Reality.  The parched landscape of their Secular Physicalism   contemplates a Reality destitute on the many fronts of ontology, metaphysics and epistemology.  It even displays a striking ellipsis on its home territory -that of the Lex Naturalis.


● More positively, as a systematic working out its replacement in terms of a long overdue "New Paradigm";  that which I am offering is grounded upon a novel ontology of Neutral Monism. 

            You might say that I was both driven by the stick and drawn by the carrot.  Here's a very brief overview.  All of the issues touched on will be explored in depth within the website.




              Mention above, of the need to confront all of the 'Great Questions' -particularly that addressing eschatology- makes it clear that we are 'into' matters of the sacred and its relation to the secular.  Even in the present day and age, this is almost always miscast as the 'God question'.  As customarily stated, this demands that we make a choice between the case-hardened alternatives -as to the nature of the larger Reality.  Is it grounded upon a Divine person -holding sway from eternity to eternity- or is it limited to the secular realm of cosmic existence -as the currently ensconced scientific positivism demands?  This is most unfortunate for the way in which it forecloses upon most of the envelope of options -you might say that it 'jumps the gun'.  As they stand, I believe that both must be rejected -and surprisingly, upon grounds that are partly demonstrable.  A better point of departure would be a back away into more abstract queries -e.g. over the ways in which Transcendence might be conceived, or just how the distinction between holism and individualism is to be countenanced.   I believe that all we must necessarily start with, is an acceptance of an eternal realm of Transcendence as the Source of cosmic existence, and that willy nilly, personhood has a holistic as well as an individualistic aspect.  This whole matter is explored in the ontology chapter

          My thesis embodies these three principles.

O It must address and find answers of some sort to all of the "Great Questions' of Traditional Philosophy.

O That nothing short of a truly New Paradigm is called for, that would not be in any sense an extrapolation of the status  quo, but must be a completely fresh start honouring the traditions of System Philosophy. 

O Finally, that two essential steps towards fulfilling its mission would be first -an ontological shift towards a spiritual or   neutral monism- and second, a formal initiative aimed at bringing a 'Metamathematics' into existence.  This   complement of its familiar counterpart is needed to provide the scaffolding      That nothing less than a shift towards a Spiritual or Neutral Monism would satisfy

            Inevitably, it is completely out of step with the political rectitude of the present day.  For a start, it is a sacred as opposed to a secular world-view, though not in a way involving theism in any of its accepted forms.   I take it for granted that it must be supportive of a robust, authentic Apocalyptic Eschatology.  It is essential that theodicy dilemma be royally disposed of;  Reality in the large is to be justified.  Finally the human presence (and that of all intelligent monads that shall ever come to be) must be of abiding and fundamental significance -as opposed to any kind of after-thought.


           I have enjoyed the generous hospitality of the National Library of Medicine, here in Bethesda, Maryland for a very long period of time.  I claim that I may have closed it more times than anyone else in its history.  Their courteous -and latterly long-suffering-  staff stand in the best traditions of the library profession;  they seem able to answer any question -whether or not it be any part of their official NLM commitment.  


            I am pleased to acknowledge a grant from the Nawierol Foundation;  the funds turned up just when they were  needed


           I must also acknowledge the continuing forbearance and support of my long-suffering family.  Many of the hours were of stolen time;  they rightfully belonged to them. Foremost here, of course, is my dear wife Margaret -who has played a greater role in the development of my ideas than either of us quite realized at the time.  But first let's start with deeper matters.  Some wise man once remarked that we 'make each other'.   The person that each of us matures into is the end product of a Sturm und Drang in which the darkness within every one of us is confronted, contended with, and hopefully -within the long haul, transcended.  That this drama is one of the essential and very necessary themes in coming to terms with the Meaning of Existence is something which was to take place -slowly- in the development of my overview of the nature of the larger reality -and it did so with my quite realizing at the time that this same theme was running within the quotidian course of my married life.  There is another wise saying that is equally applicable -that '....the course of true love never ran smooth...'  It is something that must be earned.  perhaps there are some marriages that are 'made in heaven' but one suspects that they may be superficial -opting for what is easily attained while studiously avoiding any probing of deeper issues.  As often as not unknowingly, she has helped me to discover who I am, as we have grown together into an egoism en deux.


          But this is not quite the end of the matter.  In discussions of how my ideas should be approached by those interested in putting forth the necessary effort, I have repeatedly urged that the main things to be confronted is the scope and magnitude of the task that lies ahead -extending both qualitatively and quantitatively anything that could be delivered through an extrapolation of where we stand today.  Any such notions form no part of the mindset of the Mainstream intellectual.  she has no professional interest in such matters-  Though having no training (or for that matter, a native interest in the issues of philosophy, Largaret has come to sense what it is that I'm trying to say, -as she proof reads my stuf.  For this -as for everything else, I am profoundly grateful


         Be assured that this is a living  site.  Corrections will be made, refinements added and links established to other domains of my philosophical overview, and also to other websites addressing themselves to similar issues.   I also hope to enjoy the benefits of your own observations reservations and comments, so I have included some 'feedback' machinery with this end in view.


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