Wengie has Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Wengie is a fun and loveable young YouTube personality that is famous in Australia. On her channel, she provides her fan base with lots of great advice and information about various aspects of life. Wengie has a video called Life Hacks and it shows useful tips and tricks that can help people to do a lot of things with the stuff they have.

If you want to reuse an old sweater or hoodie that has knapped up over time; then you should take a razorblade and lightly shave across the garment. The shaving motion will remove many of the knaps that are on the garment; restoring it close to its original condition.

Wengie does not like to ruin her nails. Unfortunately for her, this frequently happens whenever she has to remove a key from a ring. To make this process easy on her nails and her nerves; Wengie uses a staple remover to get the job done.

She inserts one of the sharp ends of the staple remover between the key chain coils and forces them open. She is then able to quickly remove a key from the ring without damaging her nails or wasting a lot of time.

Wengie sometimes has a habit of forgetting things whenever she leaves the house. She is not different from many other people who do the same thing. One way that Wengie suggest people to overcome this problem is by stacking everything that they need the night before in one particular place. This way when it is time to leave; a person can just grab those objects without forgetting anything.

In the modern age of electronics people still often write on paper. Wengie explains that when she writes on paper she sometimes makes mistakes. Once she does this, she will write numbers and other letters over the top of the messed up words so that no one will discover what she originally wrote.

Wengie suggests that this tip is useful for everyone who needs to hide information. These are some really great life hack tips that people can use from Wengie.


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The Success of WEN by Chaz

It would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t put a lot of effort into taking care of her hair. There are tons of products all across the market designed to keep their hair clean and stylish. One such product, Wen Cleansing Conditioner has made strong claims about well it works. Recently a blogger, Emily McClure decided to put these claims to the test. She embarked on a seven day trial to see just how well the product took care of her hair.
McClure began her program on one of her busiest days. It was clear that this was a day in which a product like WEN Cleansing Conditioner could be handy. McClure used the product consistently each day and noticed great results. Despite being super active her hair remained great and even gained numerous compliments. McClure stated that this product is best for someone who uses it daily but works well and produces good results.

WEN by Chaz has been producing great hair products for some time. The company has sold products on Amazon to nearly 10 million people world wide. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner uses a unique formula that combines a shampoo, conditioner and detangler all in one. The company takes great pride in delivering the best in hair care products. Their consistent customer base is proof of this.

WEN by Chaz is a vision of hair stylist Dean Chaz. The Hollywood stylist has created a brand that is recognized worldwide. He has styled hair for many Hollywood celebrities and his studio is one of the most popular in the country. His passion for hair dates back to his early years. It has developed into one of the biggest brands in the hair products industry. Visit the Wen YouTube channel and Wen website: http://www.wenhaircare.com for more information.


Innovative new education app, ClassDojo, transforms education by weaving community back into the classroom

In the summer of 2011, Sam Chaudhary arrived in Palo Alto on a 90 day work visa to launch an ed-tech startup company. He and cofounder Liam Don knew they wanted to enhance education. Reaching out to those who know education best, they asked teachers, “What’s the worst part of teaching?” Chaudhary’s visa expired, but his vision grew, and in the last five years he and Don listened to the feedback and developed ClassDojo.

The app is accessed on both Apple Store and Google Play. Once parents upload ClassDojo, they have access to student schoolwork through the photos and videos teachers upload. The platform, which has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide, is being used in 2 out of 3 schools nationwide and 90% of school districts. Last summer, ClassDojo was downloaded by over 500,000 people, a strong endorsement of ClassDojo’s entrance onto the mobile app scene.

An Apple store reviewer says, “I have always wanted more communication & to be more involved when it comes to knowing how my kids are doing on a daily basis … and now with Dojo, I am!,” ClassDojo testimonials can be found across the social media spectrum. From Facebook to Twitter, it’s taken the world by storm, without marketing.

ClassDojo allows parents, teachers and students to enter into a shared educational experience, encouraging parents, students and teachers to communicate more and more often. Teachers can document student behavior through a points system that indicates a child’s level of performance and participation. A recent concern regarding the points system has been recognized by the app developers and addressed. Teachers had expressed a need for communication with a zero point function, and ClassDojo listened.

When Chaudhary came to Palo Alto five years ago, he came with a vision, but even then, he did not realize how grand its scope would become. He wanted to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools, and knew it needed to happen as ground up change. “We’re going to be the company who really listens to teachers and parents and kids.” A visit to their website confirms his pledge, where innovative changes based on customer feedback are launching regularly, like Zero point functions and the new Student Stories, a clever way to keep a portfolio of student work in one easy to access space, Student Stories will be released in late July, 2016.


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The Impact of a Socially Responsible Business

In today’s world, it’s important for businesses to give their time and money to causes striving to make the world a better place to live. Whether it’s helping ensure sick children get the medical care they need or that the performing arts of a community are able to continue giving concerts and other performances, businesses play a pivotal role in making these and many other things happen. In the case of David Osio, his entire business career has been devoted to helping those in the community who need it most.

Whether working for a law firm in Caracas or as an executive with LETCO Commercial Companies, David has always realized that businesses are only as successful as their communities. Because of this, he not only has done everything possible to strengthen the companies for which he worked, but also has been very active in helping local organizations. Working with a variety of international business customers, David has put his education and experience to good use helping them achieve extraordinary results. Whether increasing the value of a customer’s portfolio or closing a deal that helps a bank achieve a stronger financial presence internationally, David has always been able to get the results everyone wants and needs.

After spending several years working for other businesses, David decided it was time to venture out on his own. Thus, the Davos Financial Group was formed, creating numerous companies that could provide the highest levels of financial services to select clientele. Whether it’s New York, Miami, or Geneva, David’s companies have gained a reputation for excellence around the world.

As the Davos Financial Group achieved greater levels of success, David realized it was time to work even harder to strengthen neighboring communities. Therefore, he put social responsibility at the forefront of his business ventures, supporting such groups as the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and the Saludarte Foundation, which was responsible for showcasing the works of artist Carlos Cruz Diez.

Due to his willingness to help, David and his companies have garnered numerous awards for their community involvement. After being awarded the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, the Davos Financial Group was also recognized by the South Florida Business Leaders as one of the most progressive organizations in financial services. Continuing his efforts to help others, David shows each day the impact a socially responsible business can have on the world.

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The Best Ski Resorts: Your Premiere Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort Guide

As you know every season at Lake Tahoe is glorious and enjoyable, but the best time to indulge in the activities that Lake Tahoe offers is to take it all in during the wintertime. The variety of Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts is overwhelming!

There are so many vacation ski resorts in Tahoe that all boast an array of unique attributes. This abundance of options for your winter vacation destination may make it very difficult to decide which one you should stay at for your best skiing pleasures.

To better assist you at choosing the best Lake Tahoe Resort, we have gathered a list of ski resorts that are ranked, rated, and that have garnered the most acclaim from regulars that frequent the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe.

#4 Best Lake Tahoe Skiing Resort: Diamond Peak

Located in the heart of Tahoe is the wonderful ski resort known as Diamond Peak. The Lake Tahoe skiing resort has all of the amenities anyone would want. Its a humble resort that offers affordable prices and all types of packages for kids and the whole family. According to most reviews, this resort has everything and anything for the whole family to partake in. It especially caters to young skiers and children.

#3 Best Lake Tahoe Skiing Resort: Homewood Mountain Resort

Homewood Mountain Ski Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts located near Lake Tahoe. It has a range of ski hills, options, and amenities that other ski resorts lack. It is highly affordable, and is tailored to accommodate a wide range of skiers from beginner skiers to the the most avid skiers.

#2 Best Lake Tahoe Skiing Resort: Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley

One of the best California Ski Resorts is Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley! This Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort boasts the best services and activities of a resort in the location all year around. One can enjoy the best ski hills in the area and indulge themselves on the myriad of luxuries that this premium, most prestigious resort offers. This ski resort is particularly recognized for its options, cost-effectiveness, entertainment value, and more.

Best Ski Resorts, Lake Tahoe: Bottom Line

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular tourist attractions all year around. But you have never seen anything, until you have been able to experience it during the peak months of winter. Skiing in Tahoe is something that everyone wants to experience. Why not do it right by choosing a ski resort that delivers the most entertainment, engagement, and activities that you and your entire family can enjoy!

Different Reasons for Online Reputation Management

There are plenty of reasons that people should manage their online reputation. It is not just for people that are trying to run a successful business. However, it does help to have an online reputation that is good in the case that one is looking to start a business. There are other reasons to keep a good online reputation. For one thing, there is a lot of other problems that could arise from damages being made to one’s online reputation. For one thing, damaging information released online can cause one to lose his job. It could also cause someone to have a rough time finding employment.

Often times, people that are unable to find a job have a major dent in their reputation that makes people not want to hire them. Sometimes, the damaging piece of information can even be false, but that does not stop it from having an impact on the person’s life. For this reason, it is important for the individual to find some kind of reputation management company that takes care of the online reputation so that the person can get his life back on track. The online reputation management firm can get rid of all kinds of bad information from the front pages of search results.

Among the online reputation management firms that are available to work for the individual is http://fixsearchresults.com. This online reputation firm will make sure that people who come to them will get their lives back on track. Among the methods they use are providing search engine optimized content that will knock the old search results off from the front page. They also get involved with social media promotions so that they will present an improved image of their clients. As a result, the clients that find this company will experience a new lease on life and a second chance.

History and Overview of the SEC Whistleblower Program

Companies are not only expected to offer superior goods and services, but also to conduct their business with regard to morality and fairness. To enforce the moral framework, the SEC Whistleblower Program was introduced in 2010 through the Dodd-Frank Amendment Act. This program will oversee how companies conduct their business and will highlight any security violations as described in the Dodd-Frank Act amended in 2010. Any companies that are found to have violated any parts of the Act will be sanctioned depending on the severity of the actions.

History of the SEC Whistleblower Program
Whistle-blower programs have been around since the Great Depression, but their effect has not been as strong as the one introduced in 2010 through the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act. The Congress sat and discussed the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act and they came up with a new reform that would introduce a whistle-blower program, also known as the SEC Whistleblower Program. The program will be offering employment protection and incentives to those who report about violations in the business sector. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made these changes in a bid to allow for more openness when reporting since many people fear reporting cases of violations.

To reinforce the Act, Lebaton Sucharow established an exclusive practice that would help to protect SEC whistleblowers. The firm focused on its leading litigation platform to advance the agenda of the SEC Whistleblower Program.

Guaranteed anonymity in reporting cases of violation
Previously, there were no laws that could help to protect whistle-blowers against targeting and intimidation. This is one of the things the 2010 Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act introduced to help protect whistleblowers. The system introduced the anonymous whistle-blowing provision, which means you are not publicly revealed when you share information about a company or business.

The main argument behind this is to help more people report cases since research revealed that most people who had witnessed violations were not sure their security would be guaranteed if they shared the information. The SEC Whistleblower Program also offers physical protection to whistle-blowers who share critical information about companies.

All the information shared by whistle-blowers is handed over to a panel of professional analysts, who go through every detail and conduct due diligence to verify the details. Once it is verified that the company indeed violated the SEC regulations, the sanction policy is applied, whereby the company may be forced to pay a certain amount for the violations.

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The Amazing Life And Work Of Helane Morrison

I came across an article about Helane Morrison on Xrepublic. It was interesting and it discussed how the managing director and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners reasoning for joining the company. The firm is known for its diverse leadership culture in the industry and that was one of the reasons she joined it. The article also discussed some of her goals, which included restoring the investing public’s confidence in the markets. The article, which can be found here, goes into depth about her work and her accomplishments.

Life And Work Of Helane Morrison
Morrison is well-educated and she attended Northwestern University in Chicago, which is where she earned her Bachelors degree in journalism. She also earned a J.D. after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. Morrison also belongs to the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and she is known for speaking on various topics of compliance and legal issues that affect private funds and investment advisers.

Before she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, Helane worked at the San Francisco Office of the SEC. She headed the office from 1999 to 2007 and she was responsible for securities enforcement in Northern California and five other northwest states. In the past, Morrison practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, a law firm based in San Francisco. She worked there from 1986 to 1996 and in 1991 she was elevated to partner status.

Helane Morrison is an incredible woman and you can learn more about her here.

A Look At How Reputation Management Works

Before the advent of social media, privacy was the norm. If there was a “problem” that could evolve into a scandal, it would usually be dealt with privately. Well, those days are over. It doesn’t matter what type of problem, big or small, social media will exacerbate it. When this happens, what can be done?


The best answer is to have a plan. With the right plan and the right people, the ability to get through a scandal will be much more successful. Alright, so where does the plan begin? Experts say the most important thing to do is get ahead of it. Hiding from the issue and letting the information trickle in from outside sources is a bad idea.


Another part of a successful plan is to have a good team of people, especially ones who can manage the social media aspect of things. Fact checking is a must. Scandals tend to draw out some unsavory people, who are just there to stir the pot and have nothing to do with the matter at hand. Those sources of information need to be removed as soon as possible.


Now it’s time to say sorry. It’s important to show contrition. It works in favor of instead of against. Saying sorry is nice and all, but it’s also time to commit to not getting into a similar situation again. Once is an accident but any more than that and it a pattern. It’ll be even more difficult to fix next time. After all of this, change the focus, highlight a new story that helps to look forward to the future.


Okay, so there’s the game plan. It sounds simple, but it’s more complicated and time-consuming that one might think. Experts are necessary to do this successfully. There are now reputation management firms equipped to do these things. One of them is called Status Labs, and they have been in the game of reputation management for a while now.


Founder, Darius Fisher, is no stranger to scandal. He decided to turn a negative into a positive. Using his experience, he created a business that is now able to help others in similar circumstances. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX, but has offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some of the services they offer their clients are media relations, crisis communications, social media management, and public affairs.

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Sanjay Shah: Success, Philanthropy and Independence

Sanjay Shah has shown himself to be a creative and generous person. Sanjay has worked for many different banks and has even started Solo Capital, his own bank. However, one of the greatest achievements of his life have not been the businesses that he has started, but the philanthropic activities that he has taken part in. He has started his charity and nonprofit called Autism Rocks. When tragedy hit in his family, he has used it to make it to a greater time in his life. Among the methods he uses to collect funds is by hosting concerts with different artists.

Sanjay Shah has made such a name for himself that he has gone on many different interviews in order to tell his story and share advice with others. Among the interviews he went on was one that was hosted on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. On this interview, he has talked about Solo Capital, his non profit, and plenty of other activities that he has taken part in. Entrepreneurs like Sanjay Shah are very important because they not only create jobs for themselves, but they also create jobs for others. Entrepreneurs have an advantage because they are more likely to achieve freedom because of the unlimited earning potential.

Sanjay Shah also has a passion for music as well as a love for his family. Now that he is pursuing his passion with concerts, he can spend a lot more time with his family. His autistic son as well as his other children get to enjoy all of the fun that comes with concerts. They get to listen to some of their favorite artists perform some of the tracks that they come to love. Sanjay has figured out a way to make money without having to do a lot of tedious and thankless work.

Sanjay Shah has enjoyed his journey, and he wants others to be able to enjoy their journey to success. This is one of the reasons that he has gone on interviews. He really desires to help people make a better life for themselves so that they can enjoy the advantages that come with financial independence.


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