A Look At How Reputation Management Works

Before the advent of social media, privacy was the norm. If there was a “problem” that could evolve into a scandal, it would usually be dealt with privately. Well, those days are over. It doesn’t matter what type of problem, big or small, social media will exacerbate it. When this happens, what can be done?


The best answer is to have a plan. With the right plan and the right people, the ability to get through a scandal will be much more successful. Alright, so where does the plan begin? Experts say the most important thing to do is get ahead of it. Hiding from the issue and letting the information trickle in from outside sources is a bad idea.


Another part of a successful plan is to have a good team of people, especially ones who can manage the social media aspect of things. Fact checking is a must. Scandals tend to draw out some unsavory people, who are just there to stir the pot and have nothing to do with the matter at hand. Those sources of information need to be removed as soon as possible.


Now it’s time to say sorry. It’s important to show contrition. It works in favor of instead of against. Saying sorry is nice and all, but it’s also time to commit to not getting into a similar situation again. Once is an accident but any more than that and it a pattern. It’ll be even more difficult to fix next time. After all of this, change the focus, highlight a new story that helps to look forward to the future.


Okay, so there’s the game plan. It sounds simple, but it’s more complicated and time-consuming that one might think. Experts are necessary to do this successfully. There are now reputation management firms equipped to do these things. One of them is called Status Labs, and they have been in the game of reputation management for a while now.


Founder, Darius Fisher, is no stranger to scandal. He decided to turn a negative into a positive. Using his experience, he created a business that is now able to help others in similar circumstances. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX, but has offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some of the services they offer their clients are media relations, crisis communications, social media management, and public affairs.

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Sanjay Shah: Success, Philanthropy and Independence

Sanjay Shah has shown himself to be a creative and generous person. Sanjay has worked for many different banks and has even started Solo Capital, his own bank. However, one of the greatest achievements of his life have not been the businesses that he has started, but the philanthropic activities that he has taken part in. He has started his charity and nonprofit called Autism Rocks. When tragedy hit in his family, he has used it to make it to a greater time in his life. Among the methods he uses to collect funds is by hosting concerts with different artists.

Sanjay Shah has made such a name for himself that he has gone on many different interviews in order to tell his story and share advice with others. Among the interviews he went on was one that was hosted on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network. On this interview, he has talked about Solo Capital, his non profit, and plenty of other activities that he has taken part in. Entrepreneurs like Sanjay Shah are very important because they not only create jobs for themselves, but they also create jobs for others. Entrepreneurs have an advantage because they are more likely to achieve freedom because of the unlimited earning potential.

Sanjay Shah also has a passion for music as well as a love for his family. Now that he is pursuing his passion with concerts, he can spend a lot more time with his family. His autistic son as well as his other children get to enjoy all of the fun that comes with concerts. They get to listen to some of their favorite artists perform some of the tracks that they come to love. Sanjay has figured out a way to make money without having to do a lot of tedious and thankless work.

Sanjay Shah has enjoyed his journey, and he wants others to be able to enjoy their journey to success. This is one of the reasons that he has gone on interviews. He really desires to help people make a better life for themselves so that they can enjoy the advantages that come with financial independence.


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Luciana Lossio: Her Success as Lawyer, Minister and Equestrian Champion

Luciana Lossio graduated from University of Center of Brasilia back in 1999 with a Law degree. She, the Minister of Superior Electoral Court, also managed to get approved to join the Bar Association of Brazil. She enjoyed success in her career as a lawyer especially in her area of specialization, Electoral Law. In addition to this degree, she also holds other three graduate degrees namely: Civil Procedure, State and Constitution and the third and most recent degree was in Legal Order and Prosecution. She is also involved with the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE) as a member.


In her career as a lawyer, Luciana Lossio represented clients who were important as they included senior executive branch members and governors. Apart from her professional exploits, the current TSE Minister has also made history as the first woman to attain several further achievements. She was the first female lawyer to assume the position of the Substitute Minister of the Superior Electoral Court back in 2011, which made history.


Luciana has at one time served in the Attorney General’s office, working alongside two general prosecutors who since retired, these are Geraldo Brindeiro and Claudio Fonteles. During her time at PGR, she advised some important processes with the TSF and TSE, brilliantly and in line with the legislation existing at that time. http://www.tre-ma.jus.br/imprensa/noticias-tre-ma/2016/Marco/palestra-da-ministra-luciana-lossio-encerra-seminario-que-tratou-perspectivas-da-reforma-eleitoral


As a lawyer and in dispensing her duties in other legal engagements, Luciana showed extreme knowledge and competence in different areas of Law. She also showed her quality in dealing with high complex cases, these qualities are enough to warrant her to hold a higher office. She deserves being the Minister Holder Superior Electoral Court as it requires a person of great value for the institution to function well. These traits are important in a time for crisis politics especially as it is the election eve year as she becomes the Minister TSE Holder. http://www.oabdf.org.br/noticias/oab-na-midia-noticias-2/r7-luciana-lossio-toma-posse-como-ministra-do-tse-nesta-terca-feira/


Spare Time


As no one is a stone, she has equestrianism as her hobby during the weekends. This is a passion she has held for over six years and balances it with her studies and career life. Her hobby has seen her claim the Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump title and winning the Society Hipica Brasilia. She zeroed her route thrice and led her horse Nikita to jump over obstacles that were at a height of 1.20m beating 40 riders. People hope that her ability to overcome obstacles easily will follow her in her career.

Inception of free WhatsApp by Freedompop

WhatsApp is one of the most used platforms worldwide. Before, its acquisition by Facebook, the company sought numerous partnerships with other mobile operators. For instance, back in 2014, it partnered with a German-based mobile network. The move was to launch its SIM card. This enabled users to have unlimited access.

Additionally, other mobile networks globally have also offered a zero rated WhatsApp access. Even so, this decision has been controversial, especially in India. The country banned free basics offered by Facebook. This is because preferential treatment was accorded to some services and not others. The same has also been an issue in Europe. Though it wasn’t banned, the new regulations granted national regulators independence.

FreedomPop, a mobile service provision company, is in its league. It has resorted to deviate from any formal partnership with WhatsApp. Stephen Stokols reiterates that it was one of the reasons why the Spain launch was effected in January 2015. The company becomes the first carrier to create a WhatsApp model that works without being pushed by Facebook.

Selling points for FreedomPop

• The service offers users a 200mb data and 200text messages. Additionally, free talk time for 200minutes is also part of the package.

• It also awards its users free roaming within 31 countries. Some of the countries include Italy, Germany, France, and UK among others. However; the offer will only be open for individuals residing within US, UK and probably Spain.

FreedomPop plans on expanding globally if the words of Stokols, the CEO, are anything to go by. It is expected that the expansion will be carried out through partnering with the existing mobile carriers. Such a move is a unique model of disrupting new markets. Similarly, it enables the company to makes its presence felt in the mobile service provision industry.

The company was founded by Steven Stokols in 2011. It is based in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, the company offered 4G hotspots and wireless internet services. In a bid to expand its coverage, a partnership was later formed with Sprint.

The original article was reported by VentureBeat: http://venturebeat.com/2016/04/20/mvno-freedompop-has-a-grand-plan-to-sign-you-up-zero-rated-whatsapp-access/

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Martin Lustgarten, the Most Sought Investment Banker in America

Most people fail to seek investment banking services merely because they do not understand what investment bank does. Primarily, investment banks roles include raising capital, assisting companies in mergers and acquisition, transaction structuring, advising buyers and sellers in matters regarding valuation, and acting as an agent in issuing securities for companies. Moreover, investment banks often serve as an agent for public in buying of securities.


Unlike typical retail and commercial banks, investment banks do not take deposits. In the United States, investment banking has been separated from commercial banking. However, other industrialized countries do not maintain such separation.


Investment banking is dived along two main lines namely the sell-side and the buy-side. The sale-side deals with promotion and selling of securities for cash. On the other hand, the buy-side deals with activities such as advising institutions, individuals, and companies that wants to buy investment services. Investment banking can also be split into private and public functions. In public functions, trading information is left to the public, but in private functions, trading information is prevented from public disclosure.


Building a career in investment banking can turn out to be the very prestigious thing to do in life. To be an effective investment banker call for more than knowledge acquired in class, one need to have well-groomed research and observational skill, as well as practice patience.


One of the most prominent investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the founder and the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, a leading investment company headquartered in Florida. In the American banking history, the firm is featured as one of the best investment banks.


Lustgarten has been in investment banking industry for many years, and he is often featured as the most knowledgeable and experienced investment banker in America. His dedication and commitment to providing innovative and edge-cutting solutions to his clients have translated his firm to be the most sought for investment banking services. With huge clientele base and extensive relationship with its customers, the company has expanded tremendously in recent years. Currently, the firm operates in global platforms, and has established partnerships in Panama, Singapore, and Hong Kong among the other main cities in the world.

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Manse On Marsh Helps Seniors Live Well

The Manse on Marsh is a wonderful place for seniors to go when they want to live well, and it is a place where families can comfortably bring their loved ones for help. Manse on Marsh is a place where everyone will feel like they have made the right choice to take care of a senior. There are seniors who want to be able to change their lives by moving into a much better place to live, and the only way to get the change that they want is to be sure that they are in a safe place.

Manse on Marsh helps everyone bring a loved one to a place that is totally safe, and it is also a place where everyone is treated like family. Someone who wants to have a nice place to live with good friends can come to Manse on Marsh to be welcomed into the family. The seniors who come to Manse on Marsh can choose from a lot of different things to do, and they can get into activities that make them happy. Seniors will find new passions when they come to the art classes or other craft classes, and they will have a chance to exercise in their activity classes.

Everyone is fed the best diet for their bodies, and all their medical conditions are taken into consideration. It is very important for all people who come to the facility to take a walk around, and they will see a security team that keeps everyone safe all the time. That is best part of the facility because it helps the seniors feel safe while the families get to sleep well knowing someone they love lives in a safe place.

Manse on Marsh is the only place for a senior to live where they will be active, safe and fed well. It is a nice facility that has a family of seniors who all come together to help each other, and the facility is located in a beautiful building that will help remind seniors of a simpler time. The golden years should feel good, and they do at Manse on Marsh.

Investment Style by George Soros

George Soros is the Founder and the President of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundation. Soros Was brought up in Hungary being born in Budapest in the year 1930. In 1947, he found his way to England during Nazi occupation and attend London School of Economics and graduated with a Degree in Economics. George Soros began his career in England working for an investment bank in London at entry level position where he gained knowledge about management of funds. Later in the year 1956, Soros moved to the United States and settled in New York.

He worked for F.M Mayer as an Analyst for three years and Moved to Wertheim & CO. where he served the same role for four years before joining Arnhold & S.Bleichlorand served at Management Position for almost Three years. His dream came true in the year 1972 and by 1973, George Soros founded Soros Fund Management. Over the years, Soros Management Fund evolved to became Quantum Fund an established hedge Fund.

His investment expertise made him successful in managing the hedge fund and managed to raise 30% of the revenue investment returns annually, in two instances Soros proved to record 100% annual returns. 1980s George Soros started his Philanthropic work doing away with daily management of Quantum Fund and concentrated in supporting in different fields through donation large sum of Cash worldwide. He managed to donate this funds through his Open Society Foundation.

Open Society Foundation is an organization that values democracy and ensures everyone rights are respected and heard. It is an Umbrella organization that covers over 100 Countries globally. Some years back, Soros developed Passion in Political activism and lectured on contemporary issues in economics on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soros_Fund_Management and the stand of U.S in world affairs especially political and freedom. Soros had spent overs 20 years in betting industry speculating with Billions of Money.

In recent Publication of ValueWalk, George Soros touched the headline being a short-term Speculator, who walked away with billions from Making Huge Bets. George Soros expertise was in determining the price economics of currency standings. The market was unpredictable, and the underlying anomaly was British Currency would decline in value, and no increase in interest rates and currency purchasing power will remain constant. Given the market condition, there was a high probability that Britain would quit ERM and decrease its Currency. There was livelihood that if the examiner could have their bet on the chance, they could emerge winners. Read more at http://www.marketwatch.com/story/is-george-soros-right-about-the-coming-crash-in-china-2016-04-22

The result of the beat unfolded on September 17th in 1972 during a news interview where Lamont announced Britain will float their Currency and Exit ERM. It turned out to be Awesome Wednesday for Soros by raising $7 Billion upside the betted Amount of $15 Billion that he borrowed from Quantum fund. The Britain Currency decreased by 15% against the increase of 25% of the other currencies, that is, US Dollar and Deutschmark.

Ross Abelow, Attoney with Experience and Heart

New York City attorney, Ross Abelow, is well respected among his peers and recommended by his clients. But what sets him apart from other attorneys, is his heart.

Ross Abelow has many years of experience with entertainment and divorce law. Both branches may seem cold, especially to someone that needs representation. But Ross Abelow helps his clients through their trying times.

He has the professionalism to understand the nuances of entertainment law. Whether it is a contract or an intellectual property dispute. He can help guide his client through the complex laws while always looking out for what would be the best outcome. Some of the best entertainers in New York City have worked with him. No matter how long a person has been in the entertainment business, they need someone like Ross Abelow by their side.

No one wants a divorce. If that time comes a person needs someone that understand not only the legal issues, and the personal side of what is a painful experience. Ross Abelow handles each case with the right touch. He works with both sides to make sure the outcome is fair. The goal is not to “win”, but to make sure each side can leave with their issues addressed in a way that is good for both.

It is not just with people that Ross Abelow has worked with to make their lives better. Abelow recently set up a GoFundMe Campaign to help the animal shelters in New York City. Taking care of homeless and lost pets is a large burden that the shelters take on. It is not only providing the animals with a place to stay, but also food, medical supplies, vaccines, and blankets. The goal of $5,000 will go a long way to relieving the suffering of these animals.

Ross Abelow has the experience and the insight to be an excellent attorney. It is the personal touch. The way he can reach out to everyone involved and work with both sides. He has heart and compassion to help clients through a tough time in their lives. His compassion does not end in his office or the court room. He goes beyond that to help others in need. He is more than a good lawyer. He is someone you want in your corner because he cares.

Learn more about Abelow: http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/31286766/launch-of-gofundme-campaign-by-ross-abelow-benefits-strays

Shaygan Kheradpir Lives a Life of Success Without Stagnation


“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek,” stated by Mario Andretti. Born in London and raised in Iran, Shaygan Kheradpir was destined to do great things as long as he worked for them. His tireless efforts throughout his life undoubtedly have resulted in his decades worth of success and accolades.

The fact that his father was a doctor intent on educational pursuits for his child undoubtedly foreshadowed the budding success of Shaygan Kheradpir. After deciding to move to the United States for university, the student obtained his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering from prestigious Cornell University. His exciting and successful career then began in 1987.

Venturing through corporations such as Verizon, Barclays, Juniper Networks, and currently, Coriant, has resulted in decades worth of impressive achievements for Kheradpir. Currently ruling as the CEO of Coriant as a result of his success through Marlin Equity Partners, the businessman works long hours to improve both his company and internal motivation to attain victory.

Outside of the office, Kheradpir partakes in activities that generate further knowledge and success for his lifestyle choices. Serving as a member on the Cornell University Council, United States National Institute of Standards and Technology, and on the Advisory Board of the YMCA of Greater New York has allowed the entrepreneur to remain sharp and continuously stimulated within the industries he is a part of. Without a doubt, a successful existence generates a happy life, and Shaygan Kheradpir is proof of that.

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The Upturn that Characterized the 4th Week of Financial Trading

The stock market in the USA once again closed at its highest positive mark for their first time in the four weeks of 2016. This was possible due to the oil recovery that resulted from the possibility of stimulus overseas together with multiyear lows. The S&P 500 managed to transcend way beyond the psychological key, hence ensuring that there was an improvement of 4.3% in the oil sector. There was a significant boost in the Apple stock at 5.3%, which came about due to Piper Jaffrey’s insistence that investors should go ahead and purchase new shares before the release of the coming week’s earning report.

On the other hand, American Express experienced a 12.1% fall. Others like The NASDAQ Composite closed with an average of 2.5%. The US dollar experienced a 0.5 increase compared to all major currencies. For instance, it went for $1.08 against the Euro and 118.82 against the Yen.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

Jim has numerous accolades and extensive experience of close to thirty years. He is a veteran when it comes to credit and equity stock markets. Dondero is also involved in distressed investing and high yield. His company has been at the forefront of CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation). Apart from that, Highland Capital Management deals with other services like deriving credit affiliated solutions for the benefit of companies and institutions in the whole world. He kicked off his career as an analyst after graduating. Before Highland Capital Management, he focused in Asset Management for GIC Subsidiary. This was the platform that led to the creation of HCM (Highland Capital Management)

He serves as a leader in several institutions like being the chairman of Nexbank and CCS Medical. Jim contributes massively to the stock market via his membership in MGM Studios and the American Banknote. He is a cognitive philanthropist with various supportive gestures in education and public policy. Dondero is solely responsible for the building of the GIC Subsidiary. Jim started out as a Portfolio Manager and later became the Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express. He has received several awards due to the funds that are associated with his excellent management. These include The Morning Star Award and The Lipper Award that he received in 2014.

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